Organising Your Beauty Collection: Tips and Tricks for Proper Makeup Storage

We organise our cupboards meticulously, in order to keep all of our jewellery, shoes, and clothes in place for longer. And yet we often forget to organise cosmetics storage the right way. As a result, fragrances, creams, and beauty gadgets are scattered all over the place. But, besides aesthetics, quality often suffers in such storage conditions. Here’s how to assemble and place a working makeup organiser from a chaotic set of cosmetics.

Set up a Beauty Area

Learn how to set up and manage your beauty zone. To do this, assess:

  • Your lifestyle;
  • Your social roles;
  • Your living space.

The Importance of Prioritising: Aligning Your Cosmetics Needs with Your Lifestyle

Firstly evaluate what cosmetics you need. To do this, analyse where you usually go. At work or school, you need one set of cosmetics. For parties or other entertainment, you may need something extra. Prioritise and analyse how much time you spend on your activities. Then figure out a standard set for each and add up the first group and part of the second.

This way, you’ll have a functional set of cosmetics for all situations. Don’t forget that beauty sets can change from season to season.

Avoid Buying Makeup Products for Long-term Storage

The period you use a particular makeup product is from three months to a year and a half. It starts the moment you open the package. If the consumption of mascara, pencils, and liners is going briskly, whether you will have time to use all lipsticks, glosses, and balms before the expiration date is a big question. And how much blush, bronzer, and highlighter do you really need for all seasons?

Where Not to Store Your Makeup Products: Avoiding Common Mistakes

It’s equally important to deal with foundation and concealer. If you don’t use BB creams or primers for a long time, they may contain an oil base, the product will lay down unevenly, and the odour will change. If this happens, it’s better to part with the foundation immediately.

Arranging Storage The Right Way

Your lipsticks, creams, and other beauty care products will last much longer if you store them in a cool, dry, and dark place.

Smart Storage Solutions for Humid Conditions: How to Keep Your Products Fresh Longer

The bathroom is generally not the best place to store your beauty products. Firstly, there is high humidity there, and secondly, there are frequent temperature changes. For long-term storage, it isn’t the best option.

Identifying and Tackling Problem Areas: Creating a Personalised Storage Strategy

Before you change anything, look at the areas where you currently have regular makeup piles. Perhaps it’s a dressing table in your bedroom, a console in the hallway, or even a basket under your bed with used hair masks or hand creams. Why does this happen? Think about it; it might be a good idea to organise your makeup storage in these places.

Aesthetic and Functional Storage Solutions: Make Your Space Beautiful and Practical

The main conditions for storing makeup products at home are room temperature and as dry a space as possible. Makeup that you use regularly should be stored in organisers with compartments. This way, blush, shadow, or pencils will be segmented. And you won’t have to look for them before applying makeup.

Maximising Your Space with Creative Solutions: Using Baskets, Trays, and Containers

You can store cosmetics in baskets or containers with or without lids. Just fill them with jars during the week and take them out on your day off to rearrange your cosmetics in your closet or put them neatly on your shelves.

If aesthetics are important to you, place your makeup on trays. When choosing, focus on the style of your interior. On fashionable stands, any makeup composition will look spectacular both in the bathroom and on the dressing table.

Utilising Technology: Digital Apps to Track Your Beauty Inventory

Keeping tabs on your ever-growing beauty collection can be a chore, but technology can help. There are apps available that can help you keep an inventory of what you own, along with explanation dates. This can help you avoid overbuying and ensure you’re using products before they go bad.

What Else Can Prolong the Life of Your Makeup Products?

Don’t keep your cosmetics open – seal them after use. This will minimise the ingress of air, which means that the formula of the product will retain its properties longer.

Many people specifically choose jars with a pump so that the cream doesn’t spoil, but this is another beauty myth because the preservatives in the composition of the cream help keep the properties unchanged during the entire period of use.

If the jar comes with a spatula, apply the texture with it. Perhaps this nuance can extend the shelf life of your cream.

Thanks to these simple rules, your cosmetics will not become unusable prematurely and will not jeopardise the beauty and health of your skin.